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Slavery Shaped The Antebellum South Essay - 1390 Words

How slavery shaped the antebellum South Slavery shaped the values of the antebellum south in many ways. From agriculture and economy, to social stratification and the establishment of societal roles, slavery played an essential part in developing the south as well as dividing it from the north. In the beginning, the north and south had many things in common. The populations of both were predominantly of British decent and followed the Protestant faith. The inhabitants of both regions spoke the same language and believed in the racial superiority of whites. Where the division of the regions occurs is with the introduction of slavery to the colonies. Alexis de Tocqueville stated â€Å"that almost all of the differences which may be noticed between the character of the Americans in the Southern and Northern states have originated in slavery.† (###) It is these differences that shaped and developed the antebellum south. As the climate of the land south of the Mason-Dixon line was well suited for the cultivation of crops, farmers and planters in the south began to produce crops such as tobacco, sugar, rice, and cotton. The cultivation of these crops flourished, especially cotton. This crop became king in the south as three quarters of the world’s cotton came from the south. This flourishing market came at the expense of slaves through forced labor. This slave labor intensified the feelings of white supremacy in the south and unified all whites in the south because of race asShow MoreRelatedEssay about The American Civil War688 Words   |  3 Pageswar was a series of transactions, or exchanges, between the North and the South. These transactions involved over 1 million Americans who put their lives at risk for the liberation of the country’s slaves. These transactions were influenced by three paramount concepts: perspectives, values, and relative evaluations of costs and benefits. In the midst of this tumultuous period of time in American histo ry, these concepts shaped not just the people themselves but the social, political, and economic transactionsRead More`` 12 Years A Slave `` And The Fight For Freedom Essay1239 Words   |  5 Pages Throughout the the period of Antebellum America, the institution of slavery distinctly shaped the lives of both enslaved, and free, African Americans. This institution tore apart lives, killed countless, and wrongly enslaved an entire race of people for something out of their control.. The academy award winning film 12 Years a Slave tells the tragic tale of Solomon Northup, a free African American, and his horrific journey while kidnapped into slavery. This film portrays both the struggle and theRead MoreSlavery Was The Engine Of American Economic Growth1420 Words   |  6 PagesThere is no doubt that slavery was the engine of American economic growth. United States of America experienced an economical revolution during the slave era and slavery was one of the main factors that contrib uted to that. As slavers took African slaves for granted and used them to satisfy their economic purposes. Surely it will make sense. Slave labor benefited the economy in many ways, such as agriculture, construction, slave owners and slave trade. We will start with how the Atlantic slaveRead MoreThe Effects Of Slavery In Soul By Soul By Walter Johnson1250 Words   |  5 Pagesreferring to the history Antebellum America, the two things that shape our country are the expansion of slavery and the expansion of the Market Revolution. In the novel Soul by Soul, by Walter Johnson, the author exploits the effects of slavery on the people involved with slave trade in the south. It also shows the reader just how vital slavery is to the Market Revolution, and how the consumers culture, in turn, shaped personal identities. Both slavery and the Market Revolution shaped presidential campaignsRead MoreEssay on Political Debate of Slavery1209 Words   |  5 PagesDuring the Antebellum period, the issue of slavery affected many religious and political debates. This was seen in the Lincoln Douglass debates, legislation, and the evolution of political parties. The political debates that fueled the slavery controversy were derived from legislation. The first legislation passed was the three-fifths compromise. Naturally, southern states wanted slaves to be counted as a whole person because the slave population in the south was larger. The northern states opposedRead MoreThe Contrasting Views of Pro-Slavery vs. Abolitionist Essay1244 Words   |  5 Pagesof mankind, slavery has existed in one form or another. Since the times of ancient civilizations to modern era subjugations, there have forces who feel strongly of its necessity and purpose, while others have devoted themselves to seeing the ideas and acts of slavery abolished. America is not an exception to the concept of slavery and during the nation’s early history, parties from both sides have been made famous for their beliefs in the continuation or the denouncement of slavery in the UnitedRead MoreSlavery And Its Impact On The United States986 Words   |  4 PagesSlavery dates back to as early as 1760 BC. It is defined as the condition of a s lave; in bondage. A slave is a person who is the property of and wholly subject to another; a bond servant. It fiendishly raised its repugnant head amongst many cultures and nations around the world. Many people viewed slavery as immoral and some viewed it as a necessary evil. However evil, it may have been, it did have a tremendous impact on shaping the United States, particularly the South. From the period of 1800 toRead More`` Soul By Soul `` By Walter Johnson1741 Words   |  7 Pagesbased on the Louisiana Supreme Court’s records, sales papers, letters of slaveholders, sale advertisements and diaries, Johnson tells the story of American slavery, both from the slave’s and slaveholder’s perspective. This book is intended to not only show the examples of the collapse of humanity but also the development of the brutal, antebellum Southern economy. An economy where the sale of slaves was regulated by Supreme Courts and numerous laws such as redhibition laws, whi ch were made to facilitateRead MoreCollective Memory : The Political Nature And Consequences Of Erasure1290 Words   |  6 PagesTheir work is singular and never fixed.† After the abolition of slavery in 1865, there was no inevitable outcome that would lead to the massive disenfranchisement of black Americans after Reconstruction. Rather, collective memory and the deliberate, active attempts to erase or downplay the roles that black men and women played; as soldiers, as dynamic political participants, as direct proponents for changing the old system of slavery, and finally, as citizens of the United States, led to the politicalRead MoreThe Institution Of Slavery Structured The Lives Of Black And White Women1461 Words   |  6 Pages4550 Mid-term Essay B Question #2 March 9, 2015 Discuss the ways in which the institution of slavery structured the lives of black and white women in the South: The South was politically, culturally, economically, and spiritually built around the institution of slavery. In the antebellum South, slavery was the thread that held the fabric of society together and defined the southern woman. Slavery was the foundation the southern hierarchy was based upon. Race and gender determined a person’s

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The Workplace Of Aggressive Workplace Behavior - 2273 Words

Aggressive workplace behavior can very stressful because it has a negative affect on ones productivity, and if not addressed in a timely manner can even affect an employee’s personal’s life. Negative and/or aggressive behaviors can occur between coworkers and subordinates. According to Neuman and Baron Aggression is â€Å"†¦any form of behavior directed by one or more persons in a workplace toward the goal of harming one or more people in that workplace (or the entire organization) in ways the intended targets are motivated to avoid.† To â€Å"harm† a co-worker or subordinate is not only physical, it can also mean harming someone mentally, which was what Smith was doing to her subordinates. This type of aggressive behavior is more commonly known as workplace bullying. Workplace Bullying is a repeated, health harming mistreatment of one or more persons (the targets) by one or more perpetrators that can take the form of threating, humiliating or offens ive behavior-actions. (Fox, S., Spector, P. E. (Eds.). (2005).) Now that we have a general overview of workplace bullying and aggressive workplace behavior, let’s take a closer look at types of aggressive behavior. According to The Buss Typology of Aggression (1961) aggression can be organized into many different dichotomies. The one dichotomy that best describes that of Smith was the physical or verbal. Smith showed signs of being verbal when she was active and direct with her insults. For example, Smith made a comment to Peters aboutShow MoreRelatedAn Integrative Typology Of Personality Assessment For Aggression999 Words   |  4 Pagescomes into play on account of the fact that it can affect behavior in the workplace. Whether positive or negative effects, it is important for the possibility of aggressive behavior to be considered as to avoid hiring persons who prove to be dishonorable toward the business through their negative actions. After reading â€Å"An Integrative Typology of Personality Assessment for Aggression: Implications for Predicting Counterproductive Workplace Behavior,† the authors heavily emphasize two cognitions: explicitRead MoreThe Goal Of Qualitative Research Ess ay1434 Words   |  6 PagesAccording to my notes taken from a recorded lecture by Dr. Worley (Spring, 2016), the goal of Qualitative Research is to explore, describe and explain human behavior. This method of research involves close listening and observation and gives insights that other research methods cannot. Qualitative data is not numerical; words are used for presenting results and qualitative research is thematic in nature. Qualitative research usually involves fewer participants’ due to the observation methods utilizedRead MoreWorkplace Bullying And The Workplace1529 Words   |  7 PagesWorkplace bullying is something that is a big contemporary problem, that I feel is often pushed under the rug and not discussed. Workplace bullying can effect a person’s health, and it can also affect their role as it relates to their workplace performance. I would like to discuss workplace bullying to help those that has been through this or is currently going through this. I want to provide different steps workers can take if they feel they are being bullied in their workplace. According to theRead MoreWorkplace Violence773 Words   |  4 PagesA major component of any workplace violence program is prevention. Program development and union involvement, are important parts of a workplace violence prevention program in government. There are specific measures that can be taken to reduce the risk of violent behavior. The first question many people ask when starting to develop a workplace violence prevention program is, how can we identify potentially violent individuals? It is understandable that people want to know this -- and that earlyRead MoreCurrent Literature Regarding the History of Bullying Research1254 Words   |  6 PagesAdult bullying at work is shockingly common and very destructive. In an in-depth analysis of 146 organizations worldwide, workplaces evidencing bullying on a relatively routine basis made up 44% of the total analyzed. U.S. studies also suggest alarming prevalence rates. During any given 6 to 12 month period, up to 13 percent of workers are bullied on the job; this increases significantly when counting those bullied anytime during their careers .These numbers translate to millions of workers: AccordingRead MoreBullying And Bullying Among Youth1429 Words   |  6 Pagesthroughout adulthood, especially in the workplace. My research was designed to delve into potential f actors, effects, and prevention strategies of bullying in the workplace. Bullying is such a broad topic and therefore, has many definitions and interpretations. Gladden et al. (2014) offers one of the many definitions: bullying includes unwanted aggression, observed and purposeful power imbalance between two or more people, and repetition of the unwanted aggressive behaviors. According to Faris and FelmleeRead MoreThe Episode Of Violence Toward Me From A Patient858 Words   |  4 Pagesin the unit, I filled out the incident report .While doing so, I have noticed that more than 80,000 reports were filled out this year. Certainly, not all of them were due to workplace violence or abuse; however, this observation and my feelings following the episode convinced me to reflect and research on the matter of workplace violence toward nurses. Violence is a term â€Å"that incorporates all acts causing physical and/or psychological harm†. (Kingma, 2001). According to author, health care workersRead MoreMedia Stereotypes’ Effect on Women in the Workplace Essay1553 Words   |  7 Pagesto realize how the media influences the way they think about people of a different nationality, race, religion, or gender. This widespread belief in stereotypes has adversely affected women in the workplace. Ann Hopkins is a prime example of the negative impact stereotyping has had in the workplace. She was a consultant for Price Waterhouse, a large consulting firm. She billed 34 million dollars in consulting fees, more than any other candidate that was being considered for a partnership. SheRead MoreWorkplace Violence : Corporate And Open Concern817 Words   |  4 PagesWorkplace violence takes numerous structures. Corporate and open concern tends to concentrate on pictures of business related crimes, which frequently go with abusive behavior at home circumstances. Different types of workplace violence, for example, grumblings of tormenting and inappropriate behavior, are subtler, yet no less mentally damaging to laborers mental and physical wellbeing. (Mathis, John Sean, 2014). Workplace violence can happen anyplace at any time. Workers in a few commercialRead MoreArticle Review On Being A Woman840 Words   |  4 PagesOn Being A Woman In The Technical Workplace By Prudence F Franklin | Submitted On March 07, 2012 Recommend Article Article Comments Print Article Share this article on Facebook 1 Share this article on Twitter 1 Share this article on Google+ Share this article on Linkedin Share this article on StumbleUpon 2 Share this article on Delicious 1 Share this article on Digg 2 Share this article on Reddit Share this article on Pinterest Expert Author Prudence F Franklin Do you worry that you have

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International Bonds Credit Ratings Free Essays

Why do most International bonds have high Moody or Standard Poor’s credit ratings? Credit Rating Is a social Intermediary service to provide credit Information and reference for the community. Credit rating Is alma to show the size of a credit default risk the rating object, rating agencies focus on financial conditions and historical data to give the overall valuation of object. Currently, credit rating on the issue of international bonds is the popular investment risk valuation method in the international capital market. We will write a custom essay sample on International Bonds: Credit Ratings or any similar topic only for you Order Now Specifically, this is assessed on debt servicing capacity of the issue bonds in a period, its fundamental purpose is to protect the interests of investors. At present, there are about 20 credit rating agencies on the issue of international bonds over the world, Moody, Standard Poor’s are the top 2 institution all over the world. Though they are private institution, but the rating scale and guidelines gradually become recognized as Internationally accepted samples with considerable authority. Credit rating Is the traffic permit’ for bond issuer to enter the International bond markets. International bonds with high credit rating mastered the global Information dominance and capital allocation rights. The rating will directly affect the level of costs and interest rates of oversea companies, it also can affect the strength of a business or even the survival and development of a country. Credit rating could provide objective and impartial credit information in order to strengthen management, avoid risks, optimize investment, boost sales and improve efficiency. High credit rating can increase the international business community awareness, improve competitiveness, to expand markets, increase sales and achieve rapid development of enterprises, expanding the scope of corporate finance at the same time, promoting financing success. High credit rating also can reduce financing costs in international enterprises. Companies with high credit ratings can get more credit policy In economic exchanges, easily to expand the scale of financing, therefore reduce financing costs. Q. What should a borrower consider before issuing dual-currency bonds? What should an investor consider before investing in dual-currency bonds? Dual-currency nod is a bond that is issued in a currency and pays coupons in the currency as well. At due date, the capital is paid in another currency. The coupon rates for dual- currency bonds are usually higher than other straight fixed-rate bonds. The amount of principal would set when the bond is issued based on currency appreciate. There are many motivations for Issuing the dual-currency bond, but the core reason is due to the long-term foreign currency offered by bank are rarely more than a decade, it must be used In order to avoid the foreign exchange risk. Exchange rate uncertainty would primarily considerate for both the borrower and Investor when dealing with dual-currency bonds. Currency fluctuation will Influence whether a borrower or issuer will gain or loss. As for the borrower, if the issued currency appreciates or principal, thus, the borrowers will benefit. However, if the issued and coupon currency depreciate or principal currency appreciates, the borrower will suffer a loss from exchange rates. As for the investor are opposite to borrower. If the principal currency appreciates or issued currency depreciates, the principal repayment they chive will be more valuable than the issued currency repayment, thus, the investors will benefit. On the contrary, they will suffer a loss from exchange rates. Normally, coupon rate dual-currency bond is higher than the single-currency bonds. On the publisher’s point of view, the repayment in different currencies may get lower risk, therefore, the bond issuers were willing to pay a higher coupon rate in order to reduce exchange rate risk, and choose to pay the dual-currency bond. Q. Discuss the process of bringing a new international bonds issue to market. The main international bond issuance processes are as follows: (1) The issuer will contact an investment banker and ask it to serve as lead manager of an underwriting syndicate. How to cite International Bonds: Credit Ratings, Papers

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Compensation free essay sample

Compensation Is based on numerous factors such as; market research on similar Jobs in the marketplace, the availability of employees tit similar skill set, employee contributions and accomplishments. The amount of funds the organization has allotted for compensation and benefits, and how well an organization wants to attract and retain specific employee for the value for which they perceive to add to the employment relationship. Compensation comes in many forms such as; bonuses, overtime pay, sales commission, company vehicle, vacation time, and even company paid housing, etc.All companies with employees must determine a plan on what and how to pay their employees, as well as to when to offer raises, bonuses, and other Incentives. This Is where the compensation philosophy Is developed. This is the actual plan for how employees are to be paid, when payments will rise, and when bonuses are appropriate. Influences on the compensation philosophy are present revenue and anticipated profits in the future, market value of the Jobs for which the company is hiring, and the degree of competitiveness in the types of Jobs a company offers. We will write a custom essay sample on Compensation or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Another factor one must take Into consideration Is the way an organization views Its employees and Its responsibility to those employees Into the development of a compensation philosophy. The compensation strategy needs the support, very strong support, of top management as it sets stringent limits to the daily operation of the line management and the usually do not fully agree with all aspects in the organizations compensation and benefits strategy.Components of a compensation strategy are base salary, bonuses, incentives, and benefits. Ones base salary Is plainly in the ownership of the top management of the organization and the HARM Function. The role of the base salary Is to attract and retain talented individuals from the market to work for its organization. Base salary can and is very sensitive and the line management looks to set the base salary as high as possible. Bonuses are a totally different story from the point of ownership.The HARM Function needs to define the basic rules for the bonuses in the organization and the line management should have be given the right to define additional rules in the calculation and the desired behavior of employees for bonuses to be paid. The bonuses are the most Integral component In the motivation of employees. Incentives should be the responsibility of the line management, with HARM Function defining the Asia rules concerning the incentive scheme in the organization and line management should have full freedom to play the incentive game the way they want to play it.Incentives help to meet target quotas and/or dates, with the target dates or quotas changing rapidly. The benefits have the retention role In the compensation management providing their own products and services as benefits to the employees of the organization. Google is renowned for their benefits packages. Google considers its benefits as part of who they are and are designed to take care of the whole employee and keep the employee healthy, whether physically, emotionally, ancillary, and/or socially.

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Two Gentlemen Of Verona Monologue Essay Thesis Example For Students

Two Gentlemen Of Verona Monologue Essay Thesis A monologue from the play by William Shakespeare LAUNCE: When a man\s servant shall play the cur with him, look you, it goes hard: one that I brought up of a puppy, one that I saved from drowning when three or four of his blind brothers and sisters went to it. I have taught him, even as one would say precisely, \Thus I would teach a dog.\ I was sent to deliver him as a present to Mistress Silvia from my master, and I came no sooner into the dining chamber but he steps me to her trencher and steals her capon\s leg. O, \tis a foul thing when a cur cannot keep himself in all companies! I would have, as one should say, one that takes upon him to be a dog indeed, to be, as it were, a dog at all things. If I had not had more wit than he, to take a fault upon me that he did, I think verily he had been hanged for\t. Sure as I live, he had suffered for\t. You shall judge. He thrusts me himself into the company of three or four gentleman-like dogs under the Duke\s table. He had not been there bless the mark a pissing-while but all the cham ber smelt him. \Out with the dog,\ says one. \What cur is that?\ says another. \Whip him out,\ says the third. \Hang him up,\ says the Duke. I, having been acquainted with the smell before, knew it was Crab, and goes me to the fellow that whips the dogs. \Friend,\ quoth I, \you mean to whip the dog?\ \Ay, marry, do I,\ quoth he. \You do him the more wrong,\ quoth I; \\twas I did the thing you wot of.\ He makes me no more ado, but whips me out of the chamber. How many masters would do this for his servant? Nay, I\ll be sworn, I have sat in the stocks for puddings he hath stol\n, otherwise he had been executed. I have stood in the pillory for geese he hath killed, otherwise he had suffered for\t. Thou think\st not of this now. Nay, I remember the trick you served me when I took my leave of Madam Silvia. Did not I bid thee still mark me and do as I do? When didst thou see me heave up my leg and make water against a gentlewoman\s farthingale? Didst thou ever see me do such a trick? We will write a custom essay on Two Gentlemen Of Verona Monologue Thesis specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now

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5 Top Tips for Using Google Docs

5 Top Tips for Using Google Docs 5 Top Tips for Using Google Docs Google Docs is a free alternative to traditional word processors like Microsoft Word. But if you’re going to make the most of this app, you’ll need to know how it works. Check out our list of five great functions you can use while creating a document in Google Docs. 1. Use Version History to Track Changes Microsoft Word has a tool called Track Changes that lets you record edits made to a document. But Google Docs does this automatically, saving each new version of the document as you go. You can see the â€Å"version history† of your document by either: Going to File Version history See version history Using the shortcut Ctrl + Alt + Shift + H Viewing the version history in a document. This will open a menu with a list of the different versions of your document. Clicking one of these will show you the changes from the previous version. As well as letting you review edits, you can use this to restore older versions of a document. This can be especially useful if you have shared a document and someone else has made changes. And if you want to suggest changes without changing a document, you can use the Suggesting†¦ tool. Editing and viewing options. 2. Find and Replace Text You can access the basic search function in Google Docs via the shortcut Ctrl + F. This will let you find specific terms quickly, which is helpful if you’re editing a longer document. Alternatively, you can access the Find and replace†¦ tool by: Going to Edit Find and replace†¦ Using the shortcut Ctrl + H Searching a Google document. You can use this to quickly replace certain words or expressions. You can also use it to conduct advanced searches, such as matching the case of text. The Match using regular expressions option, meanwhile, allows you to use special commands to look for specific types of   text. 3. Leaving Comments As well as suggesting edits, Google Docs lets you comment on documents. You can do this by: Going to Insert Comment Using the shortcut Ctrl + Alt + M You can then write a comment for yourself or other users. And you can respond to comments by clicking Reply†¦ You can even tag someone in a comment by typing a â€Å"+† sign followed by their email address, which can be very useful if you are co-editing a document with a colleague. A comment in Google Docs. 4. Adding Bookmarks In longer documents, you may want to quickly navigate between sections. To make this easy, all you need to do is add bookmarks in the relevant places: Place the cursor wherever you want a bookmark Go to Insert Bookmark in the menu system A bookmark in a Google document. This will create a visual marker on the page. If you click this marker, you’ll also see a Link option, which you can use to create a list of bookmarks (like a table of contents) for quick access. You can also use bookmark links to direct someone to a specific part of a Google document. 5. Sharing and Exporting Google Docs To share a Google document with someone else, all you need to do is: Click the Share button in the top right of the screen Enter the name(s) or email address(es) of the recipients Click the edit permissions button (i.e., the pencil icon) and select whether the recipients will be able to view, comment or edit the document Click Done to share the document Sharing a Google document. Alternatively, you can click the Share button and then click Get shareable link to copy a URL to your clipboard. Anyone you share this link with will then be able to access the document. You can also remove sharing permissions via the Advanced button in the bottom right of the sharing menu. Finally, you can also export a Google Doc and download it as another file type for printing or distribution. To do this: Go to File Download as†¦ Select a file type from the list (e.g., Microsoft Word document or PDF) Downloading a Google document. This will also let you share or edit the document via a different program.

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Living a Fast-Paced Life Style Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Living a Fast-Paced Life Style - Essay Example For some people, working all the time is a rush, a â€Å"natural high.† They like waiting until the last second so they have to crunch to get things done. They enjoy working at the 11th hour. Feeling the pressure that they know they need to get the work done, they are able to get it done quickly and efficiently, much more so then if they weren’t working against the ever-ticking clock. Also, some people like being busy, and would rather have a million of things to do then to have to sit around and do nothing. Some people find a pile of paperwork more refreshing than a break, and would rather have to speedily work around the clock then sit and be idle. They are the â€Å"busy bees† of our society, and they keep working even when they don’t have to, working all the time quickly is their passion and their love for life is lived through it. There are also negatives to living such fast paces live style. If you are constantly in motion, you tend to wear out quickly, as discussed in "Burned Out and Bored" by Ronald Dahl. If you are not moving all the time you can become bored, and you also can miss out on the finer things in life. Ronald Dahl also discusses the problem of sleep deprivation becoming a habit for kids who are constantly seeking the next exciting thing to do when they find a time, and sometimes compromise sleep for this. Bad habits like this, he says, can be hard to break later in life. People can also become moody, and emotional problems can arise from always being in motion. On the other hand, I believe you need a balance. I find it is nice to sometimes have a lot of work that needs to get done, as it helps me work quickly and efficiently. I also, however, find that I need time to just be alone and chill sometimes. This helps be receive both the benefits of being in a fast-paced world, as well as the benefits of slowing down when I need to.